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Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Sabre Jetting Services Ltd - Ready for London

Sabre Jetting Services are ready to meet the new Low Emission Zone standards which came in to force in London on 1st January 2012. We currently have both Euro 4 and Euro 5 tanker based hydro-demolition units and have built two Euro 4 van based hydro-demolition units which were ready before the new legislation came into effect.

Sabre Jetting Services are committed to utilising the latest technology to enhance the performance of our equipment and to reduce our carbon footprint. As well as four LEZ compliant vehicles we will also be introducing our fourth ‘Stage Three’ static engine to the fleet. These engines are electronically controlled and thus able to regulate emissions automatically.
Our dedication to continuously improve our equipment has also meant a superior service for our clients, who are benefitting from shorter programmes and lower costs, due to our outstanding reliability and production. Consequently, Sabre Jetting Services are the number one choice for hydro-demolition from both an environmental and strategic perspective.

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