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Thursday, 25 July 2013

ERO robot recycles buildings with hydro-demolition technology

Buildings are meant to be strong structures, long lasting and resistant to environmental conditions. But the strength of a building is also its weakest link sustainably, due to the amount of resources used and waste generated when suddenly replaced with a newer building. Enter ERO, the concrete recycling robot, which recently garnered Gold in the Student Designs category of the 2013 International Design Excellence Awards in the United States. Read more -

If you are looking for an experienced hydro demolition and surface preparation contractor in the UK, then we are the company for you. Call us today on 0121 706 9801 or visit us online.

Friday, 19 July 2013

Waste Water Management and Hydrodem

As an established hydro demolition contractor, we are able to provide practical and affordable solutions for waste water management. We use the Siltbuster HD unit to deal with the specific needs of the industry and we have the capability to deal with a wide range of projects. Visit us online for more information or call us to discuss your hydro-demolition and waste water management requirements.

Friday, 12 July 2013


At Sabre Jetting, we are the UK’s longest established hydro-demolition contractor in which we perform the controlled removal of concrete using high pressure, high speed water. This offers you with the best concrete removal solution as this has several advantages over traditional air tool, machine mounted breakers.

1. Minimal vibration to the operator
2. No loose or damaged concrete on the edge of breakout area
3. No damage to steel reinforcing
4. Removal of concrete around dense reinforcing (impossible using air breakers)
5. Thorough washing / self-cleaning of breakout area

The use of hydro-demolition is becoming more widespread amongst the construction industry, particularly within the civil engineering sector. The reasons listed above are the main factors for the increase in awareness of what is now a growing industry. As one the countries most experienced hydro-demolition contractor, due to the ability of our operatives, we are able to undertake projects of any nature ranging from intricate work such as bearing removal, to bulk projects such as parapet demolition. To find out more about our hydro demolition please visit our website or give us a call on
+44 (0) 121 706 9801.

Friday, 5 July 2013

Surface preparation

Our surface preparation involves using a wide variety of pressures, flows and nozzle designs to remove a huge variety of products. We’ve found that this process is very effective for businesses in which cleaning bridges, floors and factories and removing all loose concrete and carbon build up is required. It is very easy to use and cost effective as up to three of these nozzles can be used simultaneously, which will also reduce the time taken. 

Our range of nozzles use varying pressures, meaning we can tackle any surface preparation job regardless of the deposit which needs removing. One particular surface preparation job which we carried out was on the B.T. Tower in Birmingham, in the West Midlands, where we found that only an aggressive clean was required. To find out more about surface preparation and the other services we provide, please visit our website.